RAP Rejuvenator

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Being a petroleum based product, Bitumen is prone to deteriorate over time due to oxidation caused by environmental, chemical and physical factors. The process of oxidation results in loss of oil and resin fractions of Bitumen making it hard and brittle. When oxidized to greater extent, bituminous surfaces start to show the signs of fatigue including loss of fines, development of cracks and water seepage. This condition finally leads to failure of pavement.

The classic properties of bitumen can be restored by adding the specialized additives to replace lost fraction of Oils, resins and organic sequesterants. The additives are called Rejuvenating liquids.

During the process of milling and relaying of Bituminous pavements, a huge quantity of crushed bituminous mix is generated which is called "Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)". Due to its brittle nature, it is generally wasted in the form of landfill or dumping. The addition of a small quantity of "WETBOND-REX" RAP Rejuvenator revitalizes this mix and after addition of a small quantity of fresh bitumen, the same RAP can be re-used for fresh surfacing. "WETBOND-REX" replaces the essential oil fraction, restore flexibility and protect bituminous pavements from damage due to water…


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Physical properties:
Dark red/brown coloured free flowing liquid at room temperature with characteristic fatty and acrid odour. Highly miscible with hot bitumen, oxidize and rejuvenates bituminous layers on Reclaimed Asphalt by fortifying malten fraction of bitumen and by reversing field oxidation due to continuous exposure to atmospheric conditions and UV radiation. This product has inherent Anti-stripping and UV protection properties thus it minimizes water damage and field oxidation even in extreme conditions.

Uses :
Rejuvenating liquid for Reclaimed asphalt (RAP).

Typical Dose :
0.1 to 0.2% by weight of RAP (To be added in fresh top-up bitumen).

Storage and handling :
WETBOND-REX can be stored in Mild Steel tanks. Heating should be avoided. Minimum exposure to air is the key for long storage stability. WETBOND-REX contains fatty acids and amine based compounds so may cause irritation of skin and eyes. Protective goggles and gloves must be worn during handling of this product.

Packing information :
WETBOND-REX is available in MS barrels of 200 Kgs net weight.

Chemical properties :
Chemical Name: Fortified Natural Oleifineamines
Flash Point: >150°C
Pour Point: >0°C
Specific Gravity: ~0.98
Amine Value: >10
Nitrogen content: >2%

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RAP Rejuvenator


  • Available in 200 Kg MS Drums.