Warm-mix Additive

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Hot-mix road construction contributes considerably in global warming and increased gaseous emissions. Hence the new focus for road industry is to lower its emissions by reducing the mixing and compaction temperatures of the bituminous mixtures without affecting the properties of the paving mix.

Warm mix additives are chemicals used to reduce the mixing and compaction temperatures. A significant reduction of required heat can be achieved in most cases.

Even though there are water based warm mix additives available which facilitate low temperature compaction by inducing foaming of hot bitumen, they have inherent problem of escalated water damage to prepared pavements. The other class of amine based warm mix additives provide non-foaming characteristics to prepared bitumen and asphaltic mixtures and in addition provide protection from water damage (Anti-stripping effect). Hence Amine based warm mix additives are preferred over others.


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Physical properties:
Dark brown liquid at room temperature with characteristic odour, Completely soluble in Bitumen and petroleum solvents. Improves flow properties of bitumen. No significant effect on bitumen properties. Does not contain water so does not create foaming in bitumen. No additional anti-stripping agent is required in warm mixes made using WETBOND-WMA.

Uses :
Liquid additive for Warm-Mix Asphalt / PMB.

Typical Dose :
For Warm-mix Asphalt: 0.5 to 1.0% w/w of Bitumen.

Storage and handling :
WETBOND-WMA should be stored in airtight drums or cans. Minimum exposure to air and high heat is key factor for very long shelf life. WETBOND-WMA contains specially formulated fatty materials in complex form. Protective goggles and gloves must be worn during handling of this product.

Chemical properties :
Chemical Name: Mixture of liquid fatty acids and organic salts
Flash Point: >150℃
Pour Point: < -5℃
Specific Gravity: ~0.98
Water Content: 1% max.

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Warm-mix Additive


  • Available in 200 Kgs. HDPE / MS Drums.