Indonesia is a country which receives a high rainfall throughout the year, so the water damage to asphaltic pavements is very common. As the phenomenon of stripping of Bitumen from aggregates causing road failure becomes even higher with "salt water" (sea water) and Indonesia is surrounded by sea having highest number of islands in the world, Anti-stripping Agents are a necessacity for all asphaltic road constructions in Indonesia.

Petrochem Specialities has a wide network of sales promoters and Authorized Distributors in Indonesia which deal in products including Asphalt Additives and speciality chemicals in both Java and Sumatra regions of Indonesia and market “DERBO” range of high performance Anti-stripping Agents. The availability of adequate stocks of “DERBO” is ensured to meet regular demands from the esteemed customers. Petrochem Specialities also provide full technical and after sales support to the customers in Indonesia.

Contact: Mr. Naveen Sharma (India office)

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