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Contributing Expertise for Road Development......

Roads are the backbone of a country's economy but the high level of emission generated in paving of conventional asphaltic pavements is always a major concern. To reduce carbon emissions during the life cycle of roads, major maintenance using conventional hot-mix techniques must be reduced. We have active association with CSIR-CRRI for production of cold-mix pavers and Patch fill equipment for fast and durable construction / maintenance of roads. Anti-stripping Additives are the nano chemicals to reduce water induced damage to bituminous pavements and extend the life of the pavement. These products are used at the time of road construction with conventional hot-mix surfacing. Bitumen Emulsifiers are the products which are used to produce the fine suspension of Bitumen droplets inside water. "Petrochem Specialities" is the leading manufacturer and exporter of Asphalt Additives and cold-mix machinery in India. With standard quality system confirming to ISO: 9001-2015, company is able to provide economical yet quality products globally.

CSIR-CRRI Patchill-GadkariJi-02.jpeg

PATCH-FILL Self Propelled Pothole Repair Machine

CSIR-CRRI developed PATCHFILL machine repair potholes incredibly fast with mixing accuracy. It has arrangements of air jet cleaning, tack coat and compaction, produced under license.


Nano-technology Silicon Based Anti-stripping Additives

The chemical affinity between bitumen and aggregate can be improved by the addition of very small quantities of silicon based specialty chemicals. They also delay in-field oxidation of bitumen.


Warm-mix Additive

for economy and performance

Warm-mix Additives are Chemical Agents which help in reduction of production and paving temperatures of hot Mix Asphalt. They also helps to maintain temperature during long haulage of hot-mix materials.

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