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Bitumen Emulsion Lab Scale plant

Bitumen Emulsions are produced in a specialized plant where bitumen is milled in a high shear device with water containing special emulsifiers, pH adjusting chemicals and additives. Before commencing the production of bitumen emulsion of any grade in commercial scale plant, prior research is needed in a lab scale plant where the bitumen emulsion is produced in controlled conditions in small volumes ( 1 to 5 Kgs) which is tested in accordance to the standards for QC approval and checking of emulsion recipe.


For correct estimation of emulsion recipe, the laboratory scale plant must be able to mimic quality of commercial scale plant by providing fine particle size distribution. "BITUTECH-LAB" is such a lab scale plant that has the experience of over 15 years of producing test and research samples of common IS / ASTM grade bitumen emulsions, Cold-mix / Slurry seal Emulsions and Polymer Modified Micro-surfacing emulsions.

The heart of "BITUTECH-LAB" plant is 'Petroshear' lab scale 3-Stage colloid mill (made of Stainless Steel-316 grade) which is proven to provide particle size distribution between 1 to 10 microns size with peak at 3 microns. The mill output will be 200 Kgs / Hour. By owning this research plant, you can be assured of years of trouble free service and accurate estimation of emulsion recipe. 

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