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Automated Mini Paver for Cold-mix / Micro-surfacing / Slurry Seal

One of its kind in the world, BHARATminiMAC is compact and powerful Micro-surfacing / Slurry / Cold-mix asphalt paver developed for working in remote and congested places like city streets and hilly terrains where working using big pavers is difficult. Specially suited for road construction by cold-mix asphalt technology to provide speed, quality and economy in remote places, application of Micro-surfacing / Slurry seal for pavement life extension, these pavers also double up as the most convenient machine for maintenance of Highways and Toll roads in terms of Pothole filling, emergency repairs using cold mix technology, slurry based crack filling etc. 

These mini pavers have been designed, by the experienced technocrats keeping in mind for various challenges faced by the road engineers and contractors in construction and maintenance of roads in areas having width limitations and on hilly slopes having sharp bends. Even though having smaller capacity, these pavers are infused with lot of power in terms of paver operation and are built to handle tough challenges even in difficult terrains. With choice of shorter chassis for better maneuverability, these pavers have exceptional work quality with a variety of materials and climatic work conditions. With maximum Indian components, these pavers are built tough with easy to control instrumentation to ensure operator friendly work environment.

With simple yet robust electronic process control based on PLC, the operation of these pavers is simple through Touch Screen HMI. First in its class, the electronic calibration console is integrated with the operation program for easy and accurate estimation of each individual component output. Powerful hydraulic motors from world's best companies drive most of the dosing operations. Pneumatic synchronization of dosing operation ensure best operator compliance. The high efficiency double shaft multi paddle pug mill ensure best mixing of components before their discharge in spreader box or directly in pothole.

Apart from PLC based automated sequencing, special provisions have been done for electronic over-ride and control of dosing of each components to ensure real time control of antistrip mix consistency in quick changing weather conditions.

These pavers are built strong with simple yet powerful spreader boxes, chemical resistant paint coated pipelines, stainless steel additive tank, Stainless steel emulsion dosing pump, anti-scratch coating on aggregate bin etc apart from pneumatically operated valves and system integration. With user friendly electronics, option is available for real time monitoring of running parameters.     

(Model TMS - 3.5 K)


Aggregate Bin Capacity

3.5 Cubic Meters

Emulsion & Water Tank Capacity

1100 Liters

Filler Bins

Single Filler Type - 150 Kgs

Auxilliary Engine

70 Kw Turbo Charged with Fuel Economy

Hydraulic Systems

Eaton / Danfoss / Permco / Walvoil / Intermot / Sun

Pneumatic Systems

Electro-Pneumatics Hybrid Festo / Janatics / Aira

Spreader Box

Hydraulically driven, adjustable width, fix run type

Mounting Options

Mounted on specified truck chassis

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