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Soil Stabilizer Liquid     Next-Gen Reactive Silicon based penetrative soil stabilization and water-proofing additive

Soil form the basic surface on earth that provide life by giving conditions to germinate, grow and survival of plants and is home for various life forms. In general it gives our planet an essential foundation for sustained life. However the same soil when used for building infrastructure, creates a lot of hurdles due to its expansion, contraction and water loving nature. To prevent highway bases from developing deformities due to "moving" bases and to prevent catastrophic conditions like soil erosion and falling slopes, the soil in selected places needs to be "stabilized" and rendered "water-proof" by use of chemical additives.


SiloStab-AQ” is a reactive silicon based liquid additive for stabilization and water-proofing of various types of soils. This unique product when diluted with water and mixed with soil, upon curing gives a surface completely impervious to water and chemically stabilized. 


Physical Properties :

SiloStab-AQ” is brownish yellow clear liquid at room temperature with characteristic citrous odor. This product is completely miscible with water and should be diluted suitably to provide reactive silicon solution. 

As this product is used in very low dose and in high dilution with water, it is one of the safest additive for field application. Soils treated with SiloStab-AQ become hydrophobic upon mixing, drying and provide silicon assisted bridging of soil particles which ultimately leads to higher compressive strength. Effective waterproofing through nano-silicon matrix is the key feature for better durability of road bases, surface / slope protection, pile grouting etc. 

Mode of Action :

SiloStab-AQ” is based on reactive organosilicon nano-technology fortified with surfactants, shear aid and pH control additives. When it is mixed with water, the reactive silicon groups convert themselves into more hydrophilic silanol groups and rearrange in complex matrix.

When this water solution of “SiloStab-AQ” is mixed with soil, many complex reactions take place with different constituents of the soil. For example, an enhance micellar concentration is created near silica present in soil which provides instant formation of bridge between reactive silicon and native silica present there. The remaining reactive molecular silicon particles remain well suspended in water phase and constantly comes in contact with other soil particles during mixing cycle and make them easily compressible during compaction process.  Effective waterproofing is achieved by sealing of pores by reactive silicon molecules acting as bridge between them and the substrate. When better bonding and flexibility is needed, SiloStab-AQ treated soil should be further treated with SiloBond polymer additive.

Chemical Properties :

  • Dose: 0.05 - 0.1% by weight of soil. Mix with water before use.

  • Specific Gravity : 0.99 - 1.01

  • Solubility in Water: Complete

  • Active content : 100%

  • Shelf Life : 4 Years from the date of production in sealed containers.

  • Colour : Dark Brownish clear liquid.

  • Odor: Characteristic Citrous.

  • Compatibility : All type of soils.


Advantages of SILOSTAB-AQ :

SiloStab-AQ” is a water miscible liquid product. A water diluted solution with SiloStab-AQ blend penetrates well in soil substrate and upon compaction and drying, provide nicely stabilized soil source.  This product has several advantages as:

  • Provide nano-technology silicon based chemical bonding with application surface.

  • Due to Si-Si bonding the bond strength obtained is very high.

  • Provide superior silicon based surface sealing and water proofing.

  • When used with polymer system, helps in smooth dosing.

  • Helps in quick setting after application, reducing long waiting.

  • No nozzle clogging of spray browser.

  • Better overall performance in terms of durability, economy and ease of application.


Procedure for mixing of SILOSTAB-AQ :

SiloStab-AQ” can be conveniently mixed by following methods:

(1) Direct mixing of SiloStab-AQ is done with water having a neutral pH of ~7. If water is alkaline, it should be treated with a suitable acid to bring down the pH before mixing of SiloStab-AQ. Through mixing of this diluted solution is done and then this solution is kept for 5 minutes before further use.

(2) This diluted solution of SiloStab-AQ is then taken into a solution sprayer / browser. The soil to be treated is milled and pulverized to break lumps. 

(3) After preparation of soil, the spray application on substrate surface can be commenced as normal. Care should be taken to maintain proper ratio of all components for best in-field performance. Then the soil is mixed properly using suitable machinery, spread evenly and compacted to get stabilized surface and left for drying. 

Available Packings:

  1. SILOSTAB-AQ is available in 20 Kg HDPE Cans / 50 Kg HDPE Cans / 200 Kgs HDPE Drums.

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