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Our Machinery Products:



Micro-surfacing Paver

Micro-surfacing pavers are automated PLC controlled machines to proportionate, mix and lay thin cold mix surfacing. Tashimicromac is first Indian Paver built to work in typical Indian weather conditions. 



Cold-mix / Micro Mini Paver

TashiMiniMac is compact yet powerful paver for work in hilly terrains and city roads. It is a sophisticated micro-surfacing paver which doubles up to apply cold-mix structural layers including SDBC.

Cohesion 01.jpeg

Micro-surfacing Test Equipment's

Field performance of Micro-surfacing and Slurry Seal requires strict control of mix properties as per MORTH & ISSA specs. We produce test equipment including Cohesion Tester, Wet track abrasion etc..


Bitumen Emulsion Plant

(Laboratory Scale)

Formulation of a fine bitumen emulsion is key for in field performance, specially in Micro-surfacing and slurry seal mix design. This lab scale plant can make emulsion samples (1 to 20 Kg) with fine particle size.


Bitumen Emulsion Plant

(Field Scale Plant)

Field performance of bitumen emulsions largely depends on the type of plant, specially the colloid mill for particle size distribution. This field scale plant can make fine emulsion @ 3MT / Hr.


Emulsion Colloid Mill

(Stainless Steel - 316 Grade)

Colloid mill is the most important part of a Bitumen Emulsion plant as this will decide the final quality of emulsion. We produce 3 stage stainless steel colloid mills which provide self pumping upto 8 meter head.  

Bitumen Emulsifier

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