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Cationic Latex     (Natural Rubber)

Modification of Bituminous products requires addition of an ingredient which changes the rheological properties specially elasticity, resistance to wear deformities etc. “CATLEX” is the cationic latex of Natural Rubber, which gives excellent cohesion properties and compatibility with Bitumen and emulsions. This Latex provides a better alternative to synthetic rubbers due to its better elastic properties and superior field performance required for cold mix bitumen technologies including micro-surfacing.

“CATLEX” is chemically modified and stabilized form of natural rubber latex.


Physical Properties :

“CATLEX” is a fine suspension of positively charged particles of Natural Rubber in water under the balancing force of stabilizing agents. The pH is slightly acidic. The solid rubber obtained from “CATLEX” shows the same physical properties, as that of obtained from natural latex, however there is slight variation in affinity profile. It is freely miscible with all grades of cationic bitumen emulsions except oil based priming emulsions (invert emulsions).

Since “CATLEX” is chemically modified with organic surface active agents and pH stabilizers, this product is not recommended for use in production of personal hygiene products, latex based laminates and industrial products sensitive to acidic pH. The sole recommended application remains in the field of cold mix asphalt applications specially Micro-surfacing, Cold-mix surfacing including premix carpet, bituminous macadam, bituminous concrete, fog seal, soil stabilization etc. This product provide cohesive strength, flexibility in low temperature area, prevention of UV oxidation, resistance to rutting, prevention of ravelling, protection from water damage and retention of surface texture. 

Source of Raw Material :


Natural rubber latex is a milky colloidal solution obtained from Hevea brasiliensis plants. Natural rubber is extracted from plants by tapping and collecting the raw latex in cups or glazed pottery containers guided by GI sprout. The collected “field Latex” is processed by removing coagulated rubber and impurities by filtering, adding ammonia to prevent further coagulation, removal of proteins and concentrating the latex by centrifuge method & creaming. To ensure consistent quality, latex is selected from a fixed geographic location . 

Chemical Properties :

  • Chemical Name       : Cationic Polyisoprene Latex.

  • Specific Gravity        : 0.98 - 1.02

  • Mechanical stability : 475 Sec Min.

  • Coagulum content   :  0.05% Max

  • pH                             : 2 - 4

  • Volatile fatty matter  : 0.15% Max.

  • Elongation %            : 400 Min.

  • Shelf Life                   : 1 Year from the date of production in sealed containers.

  • Colour                       : Yellowish white milky liquid.

  • Compatibility            : Cationic Bitumen Emulsions.


Procedure for Blending :

As “CATLEX” is readily dispersible in most grades of cationic bitumen emulsions, it can be conveniently mixed with pre-formed emulsions or in soap phase before emulsion production. The following methods can be used for its addition:

(1) Direct blending with ready emulsion  in storage drums / tank: Required quantity of CATLEX can be directly blended with ready emulsion in storage drums or tanks by simple addition and rolling / stirring the emulsion for 5 minutes. After stirring, the modified emulsion is ready for use as required. This method is recommended where prolonged storage of emulsion is expected, so CATLEX can be added at the time of use for better storage stability.

(2) Pre-addition to soap solution: Required quantity of CATLEX can be added to soap solution after adding emulsifier and acid to the hot water before making emulsion. This method provides more effective mixing as CATLEX treated soap solution is milled through colloid mill for high shear mixing. Recommended where modified emulsion is expected to be used earlier.

Difference between Natural and Synthetic Rubbers :










Natural Rubber: Natural product, Better Elastic Properties, wear resistance, high resilience, tensile strength, elongation profile, dynamic performance.










SBR Rubber: Synthetic product derived from petrochemicals, high temperature stability, tensile strength, oil resistance, aging properties, non-biodegradable. 

Available Packings:

  1. CATLEX Cationic Latex in 200 Kg. HDPE Drums.

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