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Emulsion Colloid Mill - 3 Stage (Stainless Steel)

All grades of Bitumen emulsions are biphasic systems stabilized using suitable emulsifiers and additives. Since the stability and field performance of a bitumen emulsion depends largely on degree of fineness of bitumen droplets which remains suspended in water-emulsifier continuous phase, during production of same, colloid mill is used to achieve the lowest possible particle size of bitumen droplets and their effective coating with emulsifier molecules. 

Colloid Mills are mechanical shearing machines which works on principle of passing the emulsifier solution with hot bitumen through a static base and a fast rotating metal rotor where very fast particle size reduction is achieved due to numerous collision of fast moving bitumen droplets with metal surface of both rotor and stator and finally discharged from the mill outlet while passing through a slit having very small gap between the two parts of the colloid mill. More number of stages ensure no big size particle passing through the machinery and into the final emulsion leaving the colloid mill which could result in poor quality emulsion with very low stability and separation of bitumen from water phase during storage. 

In high efficiency colloid mills, the rotor part rotates at a very high speed (~6000 RPM) thus producing finest grade bitumen emulsions with very high production rates. Colloid mills can be laboratory scale which are able to produce very small quantity of fine emulsion (~ 0.5 to 1 Kg) or the commercial scale producing upto 10 MT Bitumen Emulsion per hour. The material of construction and the workmanship during production of the colloid mill dictate its efficiency and capacity.  

3-Stage Stainless Steel Colloid Mill for Bitumen Emulsions

PetroShear is an efficient colloid mill produced by Petrochem Specialities. This colloid mill is a proven marvel of Indian engineering for last over 22 years. The mill portion is made of stainless steel 316 grade with 3 stages which ensure rapid reduction of bitumen droplet size within milliseconds and a very high output which ensure saving of time as well as energy cost.

PetroShear commercial scale colloid mills are run on 6000 RPM which make them a class apart. This mill is appreciated for maintaining micron size final aperture while running on such a high speed and with proper dose of emulsifiers and additives, gives particle size distribution in most stable range (showing peak max at 3 micron).


Hand crafted, machine aligned parts with efficient mechanical seals and bearings ensure long service gaps and trouble free operations.

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