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Test Equipment for Mix Design and testing of Micro-surfacing performance

Microsurfacing being very thin and highly specialized pavement maintenance and restoration technology needs very careful selection of raw materials and mix design for fast application, optimum setting profile, quick opening of traffic and durable performance for years.


Selection of Raw materials needs testing of aggregates including Methylene Blue, Sand Equivalency testing  value to check reactivity and clay contamination, Water Absorption for stripping potential and Soundness with Sodium and Magnesium Sulphate for structural strength. Modified Bitumen Emulsion is tested for many parameters given in standards.


After careful selection of raw materials, the most important part is Mix Design, where individual components are mixed in different proportions and then tested for mix time, consistency and break time. Once these parameters are fixed, the micro-surfacing mix is subjected to specialized testing like Wet Cohesion (With pneumatic cohesion tester), Wet Track Abrasion Value (Motorised wet track abrasion tester), Schulze Bruer Pallet testing etc for assured field performance.


At Petrochem Specialities, we manufacture these specialised machinery for accurate testing of different parameters.   

Wet Cohesion Tester

Wet Cohesion tester is used to check the cohesion buildup properties of microsurfacing mixes at different time intervals. This appratus uses pneumatic force to press and measure force required to dislodge the molded sample.


We offer sample preparation molds made of Stainless Steel with complete setup of the instruments and measuring wrench.  

Wet Track Abrasion Tester

Wet Track Abrasion Tester is used to check the aggregate retention properties of a cured microsurfacing surface when submerged under water. The testing is done by forming a circular sample plate of microsurfacing mix in desired thickness, curing it under temperature for a certain time, placing this cured sample plate under abrasive rubber spindle, filling the tray with water and subject the sample plate to abrasive circular rubbing for a certain time, drying the sample plate and find the difference in weight of this plate before and after test.

We provide sample preparation molds made of stainless steel for best durability.

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