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AsphaPrime Liquid
Nano-technology Organosilane based penetrative waterproofing additive & spray aid for cationic bitumen emulsions

"AsphaPrime” is an organosilane based liquid additive for prime coat grade cationic bitumen emulsions. This unique product helps in improving the spraying and spread of treated cationic bitumen emulsion to impart uniform coverage, better penetration and waterproofing. 


Physical Properties :

AsphaPrime” is brownish yellow clear liquid at room temperature with characteristic sweet odour. This product is completely miscible with water, cationic bitumen emulsions and polar solvents. As this product is used in very low dose, it does not have any significant effect on physical properties of residual bitumen used for WMM priming application towards Penetration, Softening Point, Ductility etc. However the chemical properties are changed enormously as the residual bitumen becomes more adaptive to the pore diffusion, pore sealing and effective waterproofing through nano-silicon matrix helping better bonding with silicious substrates. 

Mode of Action :

AsphaPrime” is based on reactive organosilicon nano-technology fortified with easy-spray additives and tack control polymers. When it is mixed with water, the reactive silicon groups convert themselves into more hydrophilic silanol groups and rearrange in complex matrix with other soluble polymers. when this water dilution of “AsphaPrime” is mixed with prime coat grade cationic bitumen emulsions, many complex reactions take place with different components of bitumen emulsions. For example, easy-spray additives enhance micellar coating of bitumen particles with emulsifier which prevents agglomeration on dilution. The reactive molecular silicon particles remain well suspended in water phase and becomes active on application of this emulsion on road substrate (WMM) where it assist in formation of a stable covalent bond (bridge) between bitumen and application surface. Effective waterproofing is achieved by sealing of pores by reactive silicon molecules acting as bridge between residual bitumen and substrate.

Chemical Properties :

  • Dose: 1% by weight of undiluted Cationic Bitumen Emulsion.

  • Specific Gravity : 0.97 - 1.01

  • Solubility in Water: Complete

  • Active content : 100%

  • Shelf Life : 4 Years from the date of production in sealed containers.

  • Colour : Brownish Yellow clear liquid.

  • Odour: Characteristic Sweet.

  • Compatibility : All grades of Cationic Bitumen Emulsions.


Advantages of ASPHAPRIME :

AsphaPrime” is a water miscible liquid product. A prime coat emulsion with AsphaPrime blend penetrates well in substrate and sets in 20 to 30 minutes with markedly reduced tack.  This product has several advantages as:

  • Provide nano-technology silicon based chemical bonding with application surface.

  • Due to Si-Si bonding the bond strength obtained is very high.

  • Provide superior silicon / bitumen based surface sealing and water proofing.

  • Added soluble polymers helps to stabilize bitumen emulsion and aid in smooth fine spray.

  • Helps in quick setting of bitumen emulsion after application, reducing long waiting.

  • No nozzle clogging of bitumen browser, reduced sticking of primed layer on vehicle  tyres.

  • Better overall performance in terms of durability, economy and ease of application.


Procedure for Mixing:

AsphaPrime” can be conveniently mixed by following methods:

(1) Direct mixing of AsphaPrime is done with water having a pH below 7. If water is alkaline, it should be treated with a suitable acid (Hydrochloric Acid / Acetic Acid of suitable industrial grade) to bring down the pH before mixing of AsphaPrime. Thorough mixing of this diluted solution is done and then this solution is kept for 5 minutes before further use.

(2) This diluted solution of AsphaPrime is then taken into a mixing tank / bitumen browser and required quantity of Cationic Bitumen Emulsion is added gradually with stirring or circulating the mixture with a pump.

(3) After mixing the of the these components, the spray application on substrate surface can be commenced as normal. Care should be taken to maintain proper ratio of all components for best in-field performance. Also periodic mixing should be done to ensure even application. 

Available Packings:

  1. ASPHAPRIME available in 1 Kg HDPE Bottles / 20 Kg HDPE Cans / 200 Kgs HDPE Drums.

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