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Micro-surfacing Emulsion      (PME - Polymer Modified Emulsion)

Micro-surfacing is a high performance cold applied thin layer bituminous surfacing which is used for preventive maintenance and renewal treatment of flexible and rigid pavements. Since this technology is applied in thin layer even for high traffic roads and highways, it requires a special grade of Polymer Modified Bitumen Emulsion (PME) which rectifies surface defects including minor cracks, dry & hungry surfaces, wear and tear due to traffic movement.

Also micro-surfacing is a quick traffic technology where its components are mixed and laid on road in single step process using special pavers, the Polymer Modified Bitumen Emulsion is custom made based on physical, chemical properties of aggregates, weather conditions and type of grading of aggregates. When applied on road, this PME sets fast, build cohesion quickly and allows opening of traffic within 1 hour.

Petrochem Specialities had over 14 year experience in formulation of project specific Polymer Modified Micro-surfacing Emulsions using different types of high performance emulsifiers, variety of latex polymers and other performance additives. With well equipped laboratory having special testing equipment like Cohesion Tester, Wet-track Abrasion Tester, Schulze Breuer Tester, Boiling water Stripping Value apparatus, Consistency tester etc, we ensure best in class materials for our customers.     


Physical Properties :

COOLTAR-CECQS grade is fine dispersion of bitumen, latex polymers and performance additives in water stabilized by very special grades of high performance cationic emulsifiers and stabilizers. This PME is free flowing brown viscous liquid in cold state and is ready to use product at project site.


Since the stone aggregates (specially Stone dust) and environmental conditions are different project locations, to ensure proper mixing of PME with other components of micro-surfacing in pug mill of special paver and then application of same on the road surface in a definite thickness, consistency and texture, each site requires a different mix design with change in PME formulation.


The design process of COOLTAR-CE CQS grade starts with detailed analysis of stone dust and coarse aggregates collected from the project site. Based on gradation, reactivity and physical properties of these aggregates, different formulations of PME are made in lab scale bitumen emulsion plant and tested for mix properties and performance after setting.


Important Parameters of PME : 

Polymer Modified Micro-surfacing Emulsions (PME) are the most important component of this technology as they have to bear the entire stress of traffic and environmental conditions to perform for years at application site. Since they are applied in a thickness of only 6 to 8 mm, it becomes even more important for the PME to provide: mechanical bonding, elastic strength, anti-oxidation properties, continuous mat, skid resistance, water repellency,  fine texture and prevent raveling.

MoRTH and IRC:SP-81 have standard specifications for Micro-surfacing emulsions in India, which needs to be strictly followed to ensure stability of micro-surfacing layer for years. The most important parameters are Softening Point, Elastic Recovery, Penetration Value and Ductility of binder recovered after evaporation of water from the PME.


The MoRTH and IRC also specify the tests to be conducted on micro-surfacing mix to estimate the performance in field which include Wet Cohesion Test, Consistency Test, Wet Track Abrasion Value, Boiling Water Stripping Test etc.

We at Petrochem Specialities have complete laboratory setup including lab scale bitumen emulsion plant, complete testing equipment, mix design facility, reliable commercial scale bitumen emulsion batch plant, micro-surfacing machinery and after sales support system for our esteemed customers.

Available Packings:

  1. COOLTAR-CE, CQS Grade is available in 20 / 25 MT Bulk Tankers, 200 Kg. HDPE Drums.

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