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Bitumen Emulsion Commercial Site Scale Plant

Bitumen Emulsions are commercially produced in a specialized plant where bitumen is milled in a high shear device with water containing special emulsifiers, pH adjusting chemicals and additives. Even though before commencing the production of bitumen emulsion of any grade in commercial scale plant, prior research is done in a lab scale plant, actual high volumes of Bitumen Emulsions are produced in either continuous or batch type larger plants. 

The main parts of commercial scale Bitumen Emulsion plants are High efficiency multi-stage colloid mill, jacketed bitumen pump and soap water dosing pumps. Sometimes Bitumen Emulsions are produced at project sites so a compact, movable, rugged and easy to operate plant setup is required. "BITUTECH-SITE" is such a compact commercial scale plant that can be utilized for both site scale and bigger commercial scale production of bitumen emulsions of all grades including IS / ASTM grade bitumen emulsions, Cold-mix / Slurry seal Emulsions and Polymer Modified Micro-surfacing emulsions.

The heart of "BITUTECH-SITE" plant is 'Petroshear' lab scale 3-Stage colloid mill (made of Stainless Steel-316 grade) with proven history of providing particle size distribution between 1 to 10 microns size with peak at 3 microns. Two type of these colloid mills are available which give 3 MT per hour or 12 MT per hour as the production capacity needed. By owning this commercial scale plant, you can be assured of years of trouble free service and accurate estimation of emulsion recipe. Further these plants can be run on mill speed between 2800 to 6000 RPM depending on requirement of particle size distribution.

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