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Cationic Bitumen Emulsions     (Cold-mix and Road Emulsions)

An emulsion is a dispersion of small droplets of two immiscible liquids. Oil-in-water (O/W) emulsions are formed when water remains in continuous phase and oil is dispersed in it. The emulsion thus formed remains unstable until a third component (emulsifier) is added, which prevents the separation of these two liquids. Some other additives like special chemicals are further added to enhance the performance.


Bitumen Emulsions are the homogenous dispersion of Bitumen in water (defined as oil-in-water emulsion) produced by mixing of these two ingredients using attrition force and stabilized using emulsifier-chemical blends in a highly specialized and controlled process. Due to presence of Positive charge on the surface of dispersed Bitumen, they are referred as Cationic Bitumen Emulsion. Bitumen Emulsions which normally contain from 50 to 67% of residual bitumen are free flowing brown liquids at room temperature.

Merits over Conventional Bitumen :

Bitumen emulsions provide effective alternate to normal paving Bitumen which is most commonly used as a binder in road construction, and requires heating to mix well with aggregate. The hot-mixed materials achieve good strength only when kept hot during storage, transport & laying and then allowed to cool. Use of cold and wet aggregates results in improper strength & stability problems.


In Bitumen Emulsions, since the bitumen is liquefied by dispersing in water so these emulsions can be used with cold and wet aggregates, the final strength of the mix material develops as the emulsion sets (reverts to a continuous bitumen phase by removal of water). Low viscosity of Bitumen Emulsions help them spread evenly at normal room temperature and provides uniform stable film of Bitumen on the site of application.


In road construction applications, bitumen emulsions provide a safer and environmentally-friendlier system as compared to hot bitumen since the risks of fire, burns, pollution and emissions are avoided and the process is energy efficient.


“COOLTAR-CE” is the Cationic Bitumen Emulsion produced by PETROCHEM SPECIALITIES through indigenously developed and more reliable batch process and confirms to Indian & International Standards. It is a Chocolate Brown free flowing liquid at room temperature, provides better adhesion and anti-stripping property than plain bitumen. It is cold application product that saves time and money in road construction and more importantly saves environment from air-pollution done by conventional hot process.


Worldwide Cationic Bitumen Emulsions have widespread use in Road Construction (Cold-mix asphalt surfacing, Tack Coat, Prime Coat, Cold Recycling etc.) and maintenance (Potholes Filling, Slurry Seal, Microsurfacing etc.). These are recommended by Indian Road Congress (IRC) and Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport & Highways (MSRT&H) to be used in several applications e.g. cold-mix asphalt, Tack Coat, Primer Coat, Crack Sealing, Surface dressing etc. “COOLTAR-CE” has been specially designed to suit Indian weather conditions and application profile for better field performance.


Types and Grades Available :

As per Indian Standard (IS-8887:2018), five grades of Cationic Bitumen Emulsions are available:

1- Rapid Setting (RS-1) : Provides rapid deposition - mainly used for Tack Coat.
2- Rapid Setting (RS-2) : Provides rapid deposition – mainly used for Tack Coat and Surface Dressing.
3- Medium Setting (MS) : A versatile grade, Provides Comparatively slower deposition, used for Repair work/surface dressing, Plant  or road mixes with coarse aggregates and Penetration macadam.
4- Slow Setting-1 (SS-1) : Consumes long time to form bituminous film with best penetration on a porous medium, used for Prime coat, Crack sealing and Fog Seal.
5- Slow Setting-2 (SS-2) : Low in solvents, provides slow deposition of bituminous film, used for plant or road mixes like MSS, SDBC, Slurry Seal and for Prime coat applications.

A special grade of "Tailor Made" Cationic Bitumen Emulsion is also available for "COLD-MIX" asphalt surfacing.  

The International Standard (ASTM D-2397) materials are available in following grades:
   1- Rapid Setting:     CRS-1 & CRS-2
   2- Medium Setting: CMS-2 & CMS-2h
   3- Slow Setting:       CSS-1 & CSS-1h
   4- Quick Setting:     CQS-1H

Advantages of COOLTAR-CE :

Cold application of Bitumen Emulsions make them the most handy and efficient tool in road construction & maintenance. “COOLTAR-CE” is produced using 100% Indian raw-materials including special world-class emulsifiers and Bitumen. The advantages are:

1-    Can be used in damp-environment on wet aggregates.
2-    Any Road repair work can be carried out in minimum time.
3-    Provides better tack and workable conditions.
4-    Compatible with all types of common Indian aggregates.
5-    Can be used in any season except in excessively cold environment or during rainfall.
6-    Economical as compared to bitumen with no air-pollution (No heating required).
7-    Long storage stability in clean airtight container/Tank.
8-    Choice of viscosity for different application.
9-    Compatible with a range of Cationic Latex to produce Modified Bitumen Emulsion for use in latest resurfacing technologies.

10-  Tailor Made Cold-mix Bitumen Emulsion provide sufficient time for mixing and rapid cohesion buildup upon laying. 


Available Packings:

  1. COOLTAR-CE is available in 20 / 25 MT Bulk Tankers, 200 Kg. MS / HDPE Drums.

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